Auto Clinic Automotive Repair Services

Auto Repair Services for Whatever Ails Your Vehicle

At Auto Clinic, we offer a full range of auto repair and maintenance services for Colorado Springs area drivers. Our customers trust us to work on all types of vehicles, and we offer a 46-point inspection with every repair and service. We only suggest repairs that are necessary and urgent, so you can be confident that when you follow our advice, you’re doing what needs to be done for your vehicle. Here’s a list of our automotive services, but if you don’t see what you need, please give us a call because we can handle almost anything!

Auto Clinic Auto Repair Mechanic

We’ve got the cure for your car!

  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • A/C Service & Repair
  • Diesel Pickup Repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Alternators
  • Diagnostics
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Radiators
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Power Doors/Windows
  • Heating Systems
  • Coolant / Antifreeze Change
  • Fluid Flushes
  • Diesel Pick-up Repair
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Balance
  • Check Engine Light
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Overdrive Transmissions
  • Differentials & Axles
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • CV Joints
  • Drive Axles
  • U-Joints
  • Oil Change / Lube Service
  • Tune-ups
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • A/C Air Conditioning
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Brake Inspection, Service & Repair
  • Exhaust / Muffler Service & Repair
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Standard Transmissions
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Transfer Cases
  • Transmission Flush
  • Steering
  • Electrical
  • Starters

Here’s More About Our Most Popular Automotive Services

  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes

    Talk to any professional mechanic, and you’ll be told oil changes are the single most important maintenance service your vehicle can receive on a regular basis. Oil is your car’s lifeblood, and changing it per the manufacturer’s schedule and your type of driving conditions is critical for long engine life and optimal performance. Using the right oil for your vehicle is equally important. You can trust us for this seemingly simple, but crucial, aspect of responsible car care.

  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Brakes eventually wear out, and need to be serviced on a regular basis for optimum safety and performance. Our skilled brake mechanics understand the extreme driving conditions in Colorado Springs (we’re out in the elements, too), and we know how to best care for your brakes. If you’re experience squeaking or grinding noises, or if you’re not getting the stopping power you should, bring your vehicle to us for a brake checkup.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

    You will pay less to own any vehicle over its service live if you invest in preventive routine maintenance. At Auto Clinic, we emphasize and specialize in preventive maintenance as a means of prolonging vehicle life for our customers, but at the same time, we’ll never suggest a service you don’t actually need. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing your car is in the best condition possible when you take to the road.

  • A/C Service & Repair

    A/C Service & Repair

    Most vehicle manufacturers recommend recharging your auto air conditioning system every two years to keep it performing optimally. At Auto Clinic, we offer complete A/C repair and recharge services, ensuring your air conditioning system a long and trouble-free life. We can quickly inspect your A/C, repair or service it, and have you back on the road in no time—no sweat for you or us.

  • Diesel Pickup Repair

    Diesel Pickup Repair

    To say diesel pickup trucks are popular in Colorado Springs may be the understatement of the decade. Built with durability, reliability, and toughness in mind, diesel trucks are awesome for work and play. But because diesel engines are so unique, it’s extremely important for diesel drivers to have a diesel mechanic. At Auto Clinic, we have lots of experience working on diesel engines, and can keep your truck running strong.

  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics

    Check Engine Light Diagnostics

    At Auto Clinic, we’re not only experienced in various auto repair services, we are also experts in engine and emissions system diagnostics. Our shop is equipped with the most up-to-date computer diagnostic technology and equipment to troubleshoot check engine lights and pinpoint the exact issue causing problems for your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about “trial and error auto repair” with us.