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Chris and his wife were very accommodating. Work was done in a timely manner and done well. Took me home and picked me up when it was finished. Reasonably priced and the nicest people you'll ever meet :) Will return if/when I have any future car problems

— Judy P.

Tess and Jonathan were great to work with. Very friendly and professional ( not to mention compassionate). They agreed to look at my car despite the fact they were getting ready to close. They had me fixed up and on my way quickly. I can't thank them enough. I wouldn't have made it back to Greeley tonight without their help. My entire family (especially my daughters) are grateful for the service you provided.

— Cory M.

I truly appreciate this place/chris (who quickly quoted me an astoundingly fair price via the yelp app) for replacing my o2 sensor in my Mitsubishi eclipse. He was fine with using the part I'd bought before winter since I was originally going to replace it myself and did not charge me to reset the check engine light (which is a dumb/unnecessary charge to pay since a person can simply unhook the battery to reset the check engine light!!!!!). I also noticed that chris did not treat me like a number or talk down to me because I'm a woman (as I'm certain many women understand what I'm taking about here) and even gave me my old o2 sensor because I'm quite curious about things of that nature. I will definitely keep this place in mind in the future!!!!!

— Connie W.

I recently had a radiator problem with my H2 and the Auto Clinic was my second opinion...I am soooo glad I got a second opinion! Pep Boys on Academy was going to charge me over a grand to replace it. I called a few different places then I got a hold of Chris, the owner of the Auto Clinic. What a nice guy! I don't want to talk about their prices on this review but trust me when I say that they had Pep Boys beat! With 5 minutes of online research we can find out a lot about a business or product so I believe these reviews are very important. With that said, I highly recommend this place! Chris and the mechanic I talked to(forgot his name) were both honest, polite, and just good guys. They even took time to answer a couple of questions I had when I picked up my truck. So glad I found a trustworthy place to take my vehicles!

— Kyle Peterson

I first called auto clinic to see if they would charge me for diagnostics like brakes plus was going to charge me $85 and not even roll it into the repair. Jason The service manager was very polite professional didn't charge me a thing to diagnose the problem and it and end up saving me half of the amounts of money I would've spent at brakes plus they did a great job! Hade my truck back running within three hours and they were extremely organized and clean I was very impressed they ran a tight ship keep doing what you doing auto clinic greatthe job!

— Christian P.

I love these guys!! They are fantastic!! They don't sugar coat anything and actually talk with you like a person. They give you options and show you what is going on. I recommend them every chance I get! Thanks guys for being amazing, greatly appreciate it!!

— Holly B

They consistently correctly diagnose, take the time to show and explain, and do quality repairs. I trust this shop enough to recommend them to grandma and friends without a second thought. Great work on everything from an oil change to a front end rebuild.

— Kris S

I referred a friend that needed some work done and things worked out well. They drove to Louisiana the next week and it handled great.

— Fiona R

I have had a hard time finding a garage who could figure out the many sounds my car was making. Many places just told me that my car was old and that it'll make noise. After several failed attempts I landed at the Auto Clinic and just in time! They were able to address all of the problems I could hear and ones that I had no idea of. They're friendly and personable, they don't brush of your concerns but take the time to look into it. I send everyone I know here because I know they'll be in great hands!

— Chelsey P

I don't know why I never checked to see if they were listed, but I've been going to Auto Clinic for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS and six vehicles! Do I love them? YES. They've never let me down. They know what they're doing, they're polite, clean, friendly, informative and just the all-around nicest most honest people I've met. Way back in the day when I made little money and drove junk cars - they took care of me and my car as if I brought them a Rolls Royce. They told me upfront what was needed and they never made a repair without getting in touch with me. My bill was NEVER a surprise. They take the time to explain what they've found, what they advise - and why. They also are honest about what can wait and what you should keep an eye on. A good mechanic is every bit a necessity as a good doctor. I found these guys 27 years ago and I've never let them go. They were lifesavers again and again.

— Kathy W

The service could not be better. Terry and Jason have treated us well for over 20 years. Have taken over a dozen of our family vehicles (3 generations) plus company vans in for all these years. Always coffee on if you want a cup. Friendly staff and very informative of all vehicles. Once you try Auto Clinic you will not want to go any place else.

— Jerry H

Incredibly knowledgeable, and they don't mind explaining the little things to you (and don't talk down to you!). I had a car disaster and this was the 3rd place I ended up. They found the problem right away, and fixed things up for far less than I was quoted somewhere else.

Jason even texted me pictures of the broken parts on my car when I told him I wouldn't be able to come in to see them myself. I hadn't even asked him to do that. He also checked a few days after I picked up the car to make sure it was still running well! Im very happy with the repairs they did and would absolutely recommend.

— Kelly G